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Hi friends! I will be playing songs and sharing the stage with James Clark at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville. We will be warming up the stage for Mary Simon and Andrew Aldridge who make up the duo Mississippi Bends. Check out James' latest music video, cameo from me:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtXJztJNH_4

Check out Mississippi Bends here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMeFUUzKtn0

See y'all on Friday night! 

Tanya Talk #3 - Meet Angela Inglis 

Angela Inglis is All About Balance 

When I first met Vancouver-based singer songwriter Angela Inglis, she was midway through her stint as a full-time busker in Vancouver’s Skytrain Stations. “I busked for a living for two years. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had.” We met at a show in the east end, both inspired by one another and the whole Vancouver songwriting scene at the time, 1999-2003. I was amazed by her huge voice resonating from her diminutive frame. We became friends organically and she is still someone I consider a great inspiration and motivator in my own life and music, for which I am forever grateful. She has taught me many lessons, introduced me to wonderful Canadian music, made me many cups of her famous chai and opened her ears and heart to me time after time.  

Inglis places great value on time and makes sure to clear space for her creative self, although she admits it’s difficult to take a day off. “My work as a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic health educator is very social, so I need a lot of alone time to fund the energy I put into my artistic and educational endeavours.” Her latest artistic endeavour is the completion of her sophomore album Echo, released March 2015. The ten-song album can be purchased here: LINK. Also, check out her music video for her hauntingly beautiful tale of love and loss "Moving Target" MUSIC VIDEO. For more on Angela, check out her site http://www.angelainglis.ca

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and physical discipline that promotes health and relaxation. “For me, yoga is about cultivating resilience, a balance of strength and flexibility in both body and mind, so that one can withstand the rigours of human experience. I see how this translates into my ability to relax or soften into the places inside myself where the poetry of my lyrics lives.”  

Angela wrote her first song while she was studying acting in Los Angeles. “I didn’t know I could write songs. I had always been a singer but I didn’t play an instrument.” It happened as she strolled down a residential street in L.A. “This song started singing itself in my head. I had a little mini tape recorder with me and I later sang the melody into it.” This was the moment Inglis knew she was a songwriter. Returning to Canada, her Grandpa taught her some chords on the guitar “and it was all practice, practice, practice.” The songs seem to come naturally for Angela. On knowing you have a keeper: “When a song continues to keep me interested, moment-to-moment, even after I’ve played it a hundred times.” 

The teeny tiny songwriter with the massive, canyon-filling voice has a lot on the horizon. “I’m very much looking forward to seeing my community, a motley crew of individuals from around the world, on my upcoming travels in Europe this summer. I’ll be playing the Kling Music Festival in Germany, touring North Spain and South France and busking at the EdinburghFringe Festival.”   

Wishing you happy trails, Angela Inglis. 

- Namaste

New Album Available For Download on Bandcamp.com 

 Hi guys! For any fans near or far that would prefer a digital download, the brand new album Paper Boat is available on bandcamp.com. Here is a link: 


You can purchase individual tracks or the full album. 

To get your hands on an actual cd, check me out live in concert ( tonight at Feather's Pub with Lucas Stagg) or please check me out on Bustedflatrecords.com to order it. Here is a link:




I Heart Cindy Official Music Video

We had such a fun day in April shooting this music video for my song I Heart Cindy, about Cindy Sherman, about to be released on my new album 'Paper Boat.' Big thanks to Sean Ryan Images for taking a chance on a friend, Attila Baraczka and Jen Wardle for assisting in the production with their talent and expertise as well as their positive energy, Lucas Stagg for constantly supporting me in all areas of life, and Mickey the cat for cat-bombing us ( typical. )

I had the pleasure of attending the Cindy Sherman retrospective at the MOMA when I was in New York in 2012. It was my first time tooting around Manhattan totally solo and proved to be a magical day, as most days are when one is in NYC. I have always been haunted, mezmorized and inspired by Sherman's work. The exhibit was like an incredible overdose designed just for me and I remember the high lasting for ages and ages. Take a look here: The Exhibit I Saw

I had a private moment sitting in the MOMA's outdoor cafe and sculpture garden. I thought how amazing it was that we were not instantly bombarded by gift shop merchandise when exiting the exhibition, a pet peeve of mine for sure. It felt much more personal, like a true celebration of this incredible person's contribution to the art landscape. Everyone felt the same, I could feel their energy. It was grandiose!

 I am a very lucky person in this life to get to pursue my art and be supported by so many like-minded creatives. I hope to do so much more with it. 

Meet Lynn Jackson 

Tanya Talk #2

On a day off, you won't catch Lynn Jackson doing day-off stuff. The KW-based roots- Canadiana songstress who made the switch from day job to full time artist a few years ago will tell you, there are no days off. "It's really, really hard work. On the indie level, you are your own booker, promoter, driver, tour manager- as well as writing and performing the songs and entertaining the audience. It's a lot of hats to wear."

And wear them she does! Having shared the stage with the likes of Ron Sexsmith and Fred Eaglesmith, Jackson finished her eighth studio album 'Songs of Rain, Snow and Remembering' ( Busted Flat, 2016) with co-producer Norman Blake, of Scotland's Teenage Fanclub. That's right, eight albums. "When you're doing something you truly love, you will work harder for it. You are your own boss and you can only get out of it what you put in. It's definitely not a life for everyone. But the good days- when everything comes together- it's the best feeling in the entire world, and those are the days that remind you of why you do what you do."

That 'whiskey and honey' soaked vocal paired with timeless melodies and stories of love, loss and everyday people has threaded Jackson into the needlepoint of Canadian songwriters. But hold the phone! She might be switching up her sound. "Most of my albums are what are considered folk-roots Canadiana, with focus on storytelling and lots of fingerpicking and stripped down production. But I've had this rock or 'alternative' rock album in the works for a while now. I'm a huge fan of all the great music of the '90's." We hope to headbang along soon, Lynn.

As a full-time artist relying on touring and CD sales, the internet has impacted Jackson's business. "I have found over the past decade or so that audiences are buying fewer physical CDs. Maybe some people are just buying that one song they like online, rather than buying the whole album." Perhaps we are all guilty of cruising Itunes for that one hit in an industry that seems to be catering to pouring everything into a single rather than an album, but consider this. "As an artist, I try to put together cohesive albums that take the listener on a journey from start to finish. When someone goes online and buys only one or two songs, they're missing the rest of the story. There's an art to sequencing an album." 


So, when does she know she's got something good? "It's really just a feeling, it's kind of intangible.The best songs, for me, often come together quickly. I play them over and over again so I don't forget, then I try to get a rough recording of it. It feels like it's kind of floating in the air magically and you have to get it down before it disappears." That magic is what she is after and how she connects to her audience. "There's nothing better than playing an original tune and seeing audience members singing along."

If you haven't already met Lynn Jackson at one of her own shows, you will probably meet her at someone else's. A wonderful supporter of the art and music community around her, she makes a point of attending concerts and buying original albums as often as she can. "I love ripping off the cellophane and reading the liner notes, checking out the artwork and seeing who wrote and contributed to the songs." 

To keep up with Jackson, please check out the following links!

Photo Credit: Latent Image Design

Website: http://www.lynnjackson.net

Sonc Bids: http://www.sonicbids.com/band/lynnjackson/

Record Label: http://www.bustedflatrecords.com

Twitter: @lynnjackson74

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lynn-Jackson-6203697137/

5 Thing I've Learned ( but not necessarily mastered) In 35 Years, So Far... 

5) You are as Strong as Your Support System

Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, get over, move past or master, you will never do it without the support of good friends and family. Nobody knows you better than the people that love you most and that is your greatest tool in times of stress or turmoil. Nobody knows how to make you laugh or ease your strife, cook your favorite meal or send you a funny email to cheer you up or spur you on better than your clan. Be good to them, honour them, and tell them how much they mean to you on the regular. After all, we never know how long we have our loved ones for. Grow that garden.

4) Never Miss a Monday

FItness, goal setting, dream achieving, art creating, bicycle riding, cake making: Whatever you do that floats your boat: NEVER MISS A MONDAY. I used to hate Mondays. I have tried to change my attitude and see them as gifts of a fresh beginning and a clean slate. Even if you don't work within the perameters of Monday- Friday, the world we live in functions under the thumb of the work week and you are really just doing yourself a favour if you attack Monday with gusto! I also think Never Miss a Monday can be viewed metaphorically: When you begin, BEGIN! 

3) Living in the Moment = Peace. Living in the Past or Future = Strife

Observing the natural world reminds us that all nature is in the present. Who ever heard of a tree or a starfish worrying about their mortgage?! Living in the moment is a constant pursuit that will always be a struggle, but it so totally totally totally worthwhile. In the moment, there is peace. Through the inhalation and exhalation there is life and presence and stillness. Practicing this stillness will serve your brain in many ways, and also help it grow strong and healthy. 

2) Do What Makes You Happy, Rest, Repeat

If it does not serve you, let it go. In many cases in my own life this has been a tough one to swallow. Why is it so difficult to allow ourselves to be happy? Hahaha! It seems a ludicrous notion when you think of it that way. We are masters, however, of telling ourselves what we must do and who we think we are and what others expect of us. This is crazy-making and ends up doing no good for everyone involved. Step back and assess. If you aren't full of peace or joy when thinking of someone or something, maybe it is time to let it go.

1) Gratefulness is the Secret Elixir

Without practicing gratitude and sharing it with those around you, you cannot spread joy, and if you cannot spread joy then it is so much harder to feel joy. The secret is: If you remind yourself or often convince yourself of gratitude ( like on the TTC, for instance), you WILL be happier! The brain and heart will start to connect that message. Positive affirmations work. Smiling when you don't feel like smiling works. Hugging someone when you feel like running often brings you closer together. Filling yourself with gratiutude will become easier and a little bit addictive. I am still learning this, but darnit it is sure working. 

I am so grateful for all of the people in my life, I cannot even put it into words. It is more like a feeling... The feeling of flying while also sleeping in warm turquoise water. It is a wholeness. Thank you for making me feel whole. 


Meet Maria Ryan and Chris Bennett 

 Tanya Talk #1  

When asked to be my kick-off interview, the adorable and edgy Maria Ryan responded with enthusiasm and that signature style of making me feel like a million dollars, while her witty band mate Chris Bennett took pause for humour and told me his favorite colour ( blue, evidently.  Insert cry-laugh emoji here.) I have had the pleasure of knowing and playing with both of these amazing people, and I am thrilled to spread the word about their sweet, sweet sound.  

After years of independent musical pursuits, the duo got their start in 2013. Think Patti Smith, Nick Cave and early Rolling Stones with a dark twist and a touch of punk, incorporating Maria's deep, sultry voice with Chris's rich and artfully layered guitar playing. The songwriting is a collaborative effort in which they explore themes of lust, longing, betrayal and love. 

Maria on that great songwriting moment when it all clicks: "For me, I know it's good when I get a bubbly feeling in my chest. Not gas! Haha! But a tingle... It's then I know I'm onto something. Also, when a hook or a line gets stuck in my head and doesn't stop until I give it life in a song... Then I know it's good." 

For Chris, the magic of hitting on a great song starts in the studio. "I love those moments when the initial playback captures everything you've been working on for months. Also, those times when a song just falls together: the arrangement, parts, vocal harmonies." 

I am always curious how musicians approach their relationship with the internet,  a powerful and daunting tool that holds endless possibilities. The duo is on board with online all the way. "The internet makes it easier for us to share our music with fans, friends and family. We're reaching a wider audience because the internet makes the world so small. Just this week we've heard from fans in Alabama, France,  England and Greece. We wouldn't have met them if not for the internet. " 

When they aren't in the studio or on stage, you might bump into these two sharply dressed head-turners wandering around one of Toronto's cool neighborhoods. They love discovering new spots and nosing through the city's eclectic shops searching for vintage treasures or sipping a martini or latte at a funky bar or cafe. "We find so much inspiration in the people and places around us." 

For a taste of the sweetness that is MRCB, you can check them out with the full band on March 26th at the Cameron House at 9pm. For other dates and news, keep up with them at www.mrcbmusic.com. 

Rock on, people!  

Welcome to the new website!  

Thank you for stopping by! I still have content to add, mountains to climb and rivers to cross, but am so happy to be online again. This is the best way to stay in touch with my live performance and album updates. 

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Join a bevvy of talented musicians as we sing hits of the '75-'85 pop rock range! Blondie, Cyndie Lauper, Cure, Ramones, The Jam, the list goes on. Going to be a big dance party at one of Toronto's greatest dance floors, 3030 in the Junction!